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For temple visits please call
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Silver Spring, MD 20914
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President's Welcome MessageLogo

Jai Jinendra.

This year we are celebrating 25th Anniversary for our temple. On this occation on August 9th Nirmal Sagarji performed Shree Parshwa- Padmavati Poojan. More than 150 people attended this poojan.

Over the summer we have been graced by the presence of several scholars who have shared their knowledge and wisdom with our members. In May Champakbhai Mehta visited our temple and graced us with his lectures. Falguniben Zaveri and Tarlaben Doshi visited us in the month of July. In August Nirmal Sagarji graced us with lectures on Arihant and Panch Parmesthi.

Jain Society of Metropolitan Washington partnered with Young Jains of America to bring 2014 YJA convention to Washington Metro area. During July 4th weekend 2014 YJA convention was held in Crystal City Gateway Marriott. More than 700 young Jains attended this convention. Many Adult Volunteers from our Society helped during the convention.

On August 19th evening, we will celebrate our temple’s 25th Anniversary with Bhavna/Bhakti Geet and Daandia Raas. We will celebrate Paryushan Parva from August 22nd through August 29th with Samirbhai Shah. On August 23rd Saturday we will celebrate Mahavir Janma Kalyanak readings and Swapna Darshan. August 29th is Samvatsari Pratikraman. Daslakshan will be celebrated from August 30th through September 8th with Shreemati Dr. Kamalaji Mehta.

On September 13th we will celebrate “Bhoomi Poojan” for our new Temple with Narendrabhai Nandu. Starting from September 13th we will be doing a chain of Ayambil till our Pratistha day in 2016. Please sign up with any of the EC member to select your days to do the Ayambil. The document will be available online to verify your day to do Ayambil.

September 15th through September 21st Dhirajbhai Pandit will grace us with his Lectures.

Starting this year we will have ayambils, every day in our Temple during Ayambil in Oli. (September 30 – October 8)

Please check the calendar of events on our website at www.jainsocietydc.org.

I encourage everyone to actively participate, volunteer, and donate generously to our community efforts.

On behalf of Executive Committee, I take this opportunity to thank all our members for their continued support and participation within the community. Please send me your suggestions/comments for improvements in our services to the community to president@jainsocietydc.org.

Paresh Shah, President.



For thousands of years, Jains have been practicing vegetarianism, yoga, meditation and environmentalism. Jains believe in the existence of eternal and divine SOUL in each living being.

Jain Way Of Life respects and honors these souls through:

  • Non Violence
  • Non Possessiveness
  • Non Absolutism
Non Violence

is respect for the life of all living beings in thoughts, words and deeds. For this reason, Jains are compassionate and forgiving and practice vegetarianism.

Non Possessiveness
is balancing of needs and desires, while staying detached from our possessions. This stems from the respect for our environment.
Non Absolutism

is respect for the views of the others. Jains encourage and dialogue and harmony with other faiths.

We are interdependent on each other and by living a Jain Way Of Life we can bring peace and spirituality to our lives and to those around us.