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Temple Visit

For temple visits please call
    (301) 260-1264
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P.O. Box 4548
Silver Spring, MD 20914

August-2015 Newsletter Released

Aymbil Chain from BhoomiPoojan to Pratistha

The first ever JAIN-CATHOLIC Dialogue in USA.

President's Welcome Message

Click here to see the JSMW Bhoomi Poojan Video and Pictures (New Temple)

Click here to see the JSMW Patistha Pictures (at Briggs Chaney Road)
and other events pictures from the Past.....



For thousands of years, Jains have been practicing vegetarianism, yoga, meditation and environmentalism. Jains believe in the existence of eternal and divine SOUL in each living being.

Jain Way Of Life respects and honors these souls through:

  • Non Violence
  • Non Possessiveness
  • Non Absolutism
Non Violence

is respect for the life of all living beings in thoughts, words and deeds. For this reason, Jains are compassionate and forgiving and practice vegetarianism.

Non Possessiveness
is balancing of needs and desires, while staying detached from our possessions. This stems from the respect for our environment.
Non Absolutism

is respect for the views of the others. Jains encourage and dialogue and harmony with other faiths.

We are interdependent on each other and by living a Jain Way Of Life we can bring peace and spirituality to our lives and to those around us.